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Cyber City 2012

Hey guys, in preparation for the relaunch and redesign I’m planning in a few months I’ve changed the scoring system. Now a restaurant will get a score in three categories (potentially in four), which will scale across four options in each category: Atrocious, Adequate, Good and Recommended, The four categories are Uniqueness (which will only be recommended or not present) and the three in the article below. Thanks for your patience while I try and get the time to redevelop the blog into more of a guide site for Brisbane in general.

2012 Cyber City
245-247 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley
Value: Good
Quality: Adequate
Atmosphere: Good

The new Cyber City caught me by surprise a couple of months ago. I had thought that it was a more general redevelopment of the whole Cyber City and that scared me – Cyber City 2002 has some good memories for all of us. I was relieved to find out it is still there in all of its unrenovated glory. Cyber City 2012 has moved into the space that used to be the arcade back entrance to the original.

Cyber City 2012 is sort of a mixed use place like its older sister next door. The front is dominated by a large bar that serves cocktails in vases (although most of the drink is mixer, what did you expect?) for a decent price. At the back of the restaurant are the tables with cooktops, and on the right hand side a giant public karaoke room, with a surprisingly easy and decent collection for karaoke in Brisbane. The place has a sort of “disco futurist” look with purple and blue lighting. The restaurant part is dominated by muted tan tones, which probably help keep you from losing your mind to neon while sitting down to eat.

Service is great in this place: it's overstaffed considering how many people patronise it, so waiting for attention is not an issue. The food is average, with several all-you-can-eat menus, plus an a la carte menu, all of which are not very inspiring. The all-you-can-eat skewers menu is an interesting addition to the Brisbane food landscape and is hopefully only the start of such ideas entering the consciousness of Brisbane diners. The place I believe is trying to turn into a table BBQ place, like the many that have succeeded in recent times. I personally believe the place has missed an opportunity to push the skewers into new and interesting territory, with most of the skewers being quite boring and cheap.

Regardless, Cyber City 2012 is a fun and casual place to have food, drink, and maybe a song. I should mention that it costs a small fee ($5 - $10, depending on the day) to do karaoke. I would come back here again if only for the novelty of drinking out of a fish bowl.

Cyber City 2012 is open every day, closing at 11pm on Sunday-Thursday and 2am on Friday and Saturday.  The all you can eat skewers are $20 pp with other all you can eat menus costing up to $40 pp, the a la carte menu goes from $10-$30 per dish with most dishes being on the lower end of the spectrum. There are many drinks available. The novel cocktails we drank are $9.90 each. Their card says they have a website at however when I tried to load it, there was nothing.

Thanks To Hugh for doing the Editing on this post. I can't edit myself it just ends up being a bloodbath.

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